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You work so hard, just to end up at home crying yourself to sleep; remember you’re trying, you are moving mountains that have plagued you since you were young, and you’re trying so hard. Keep fighting, fight until you have won. Fight until you have found your way home, until the sun comes back and your heart learns to love the mornings again. By T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via exoticwild)

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"why do you always do that?" he whispered,
sad blue eyes in the darkness, arms almost
around me. “why whenever someone compliments you
do you always pretend like you don’t deserve it?”

i shrugged and burrowed closer to him.
i felt his heart quicken.

"i’m worried about you," he whispered, "i think you’re
in a really bad place.”

i kissed him before he figured out the rest of me.

i think he fell in love. he put his heart in my hand and i remember staring at it for a long time.

i also remember when it dropped.
my hands cant hold things, you know.
they shake a lot.

By r.i.d. (inkskinned)

sucks that i could say it 100 different ways and you still wouldn’t get what i was trying to convey don’t know if it was the language or perspective that i take but somehow this shit always goes astray.